Dental Emergency Ponte Vedra FL

Dental Emergency Ponte Vedra FLHaving a toddler is a lot of fun but it also comes with a lot of unexpected emergencies like falling off the bed, getting bumps and bruises, and even freak accidents like biting too hard on their tongue or lip (especially when falling). And although these types of accidents may come as a surprise to you, here at Blue Water Dental of St. John’s, Dr. David Sorenson has pretty much seen it all. If your toddler took a bite out of their lip or tongue, the first thing you should do is call our office, but until you can come in to see Dr. Sorenson, follow these tips.

Calm Them Down

The first thing you have to do is calm your toddler down. If they are screaming and crying in pain, then you’ll want to take them outside or turn on a movie to try to calm them down. Once they are calm, then you can start taking care of the wound.

Clean the Area With Water

Try taking a clean washcloth and wet it with water. Then, gently pat the inside of the lip or the tongue as soft as possible.

Stop the Bleeding

Then, your next step is going to be to try to stop the bleeding. One way to do that is to apply pressure to the area with something dry like either a clean towel or paper towel. Depending on how little your child is, you can either hold this for them or let them do it on their own. If their cut is on their tongue, this may be a little difficult because of their gag reflex but still give it a try.

Apply Ice

Once the bleeding has gone down, then you can ice it. Simply grab a large piece of ice and place it on your child’s lip or tongue to help get rid of any swelling. If it burns too much or is too uncomfortable, wait a little while and try to do it again.

If your child recently hit their tongue or lip, use the tips in this article and then schedule an appointment with Dr. Sorenson. To learn more emergency dentistry tips, contact our Ponte Vedra office today and call us at (904) 395-7771.