Dental crowns and bridges are used as a replacement restoration for missing or broken teeth. Fortunately for Patients, dentistry has come a long way in this area and because of improved strength and cosmetics, this is the best time to get a crown. Crowns, or “caps”, are placed over the surfaces of the natural teeth and are also used to restore dental implants. Bridges can be used to fill in the openings resulting from missing teeth. They are anchored by the natural teeth or crowns next to the open space. Crowns and bridges are then either cemented or bonded depending on the type of restoration and location in the mouth.

Patients opting for crowns or bridges can restore the function and esthetics of their teeth.

A dental crown can be applicable to your situation if you have teeth that are worn, cracked, fractured, or decayed. A bridge can also be used if the missing tooth is surrounded by teeth on both sides. If there is no tooth on one side of a missing tooth, than an implant is the best option.

During the placement of a crown or bridge, your teeth will be evaluated to determine the proper spacing. Either a digital or a traditional impression will be created from your bite and used to create a mold. A restoration designed from porcelain material can be customized in color to match the natural shade of your teeth. You can also receive a temporary restoration while the dental lab is fabricating your crown or bridge.

After the final restorations have been placed on your teeth, they will need time for healing and adjustment. Sensitivity to heat or cold may be experienced during this period, which is expected and can be managed. Ibuprofen can be prescribed to reduce any soreness in the gums following the treatment.

If you believe crowns or bridges can be performed to restore your smile, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

When it comes to your overall health and appearance, patients should consult with a professional dentist to decide which option best suits their specific dentistry needs and will most effectively meet their expectations.

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